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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Facebook 'Like' buttons is blocked in Germany

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ShoutBloger: One of the German states of blocking the 'like' button on Facebook that is symbolized by the image thumb. What lies behind the blocking of these?

With Facebook 'like' button, Facebook breach data protection laws in Germany. Consequently, the Germans gave the order to all existing sites in the state of Schleswig-Holstein to abolish the 'like' from their Facebook page.

The site owners were given until September 30 deadline for removal. All institutions in Schleswig-Holstein have to shut their Facebook fan page and remove the plug-in social as the 'like' from its website, the official statement from the German Data Protection Commissioner, as quoted from PCMag on Sunday August 21, 2011.

It is said by German authorities, Facebook has been gathering information from users who obtained the data on the 'like' button and this is considered to violate the rules. On the other hand, Facebook says that the 'like' only collect the IP addresses of the non-users and this information will be deleted after 90 days.

The issue of privacy is not the first time whipping Facebook, especially in Germany which has more stringent rules than the Americans. Previously, Facebook also received pressure from the German authorities in Hamburg to abolish the face recognition feature.

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