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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facebook Introduce new site navigation

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ShoutBloger: Most Facebook users may not notice a change this one. Consider the left hand navigation of  Facebook 'Home', is there anything different? Facebook had just rearranged the section.

Navigation restructuring includes changes to bookmarks and notifications for Pages, Groups and Apps. This change has actually been announced since last week, as part of an effort made to make in order to more Engaging Facebook Apps.

Latest version of the navigation is divided into four groups namely Favorites, Pages, Groups and Apps. Inside there is a link directly to the Favorites feature such popular Facebook News Feed or Events.

Part Pages and Groups each featuring two Group Page and the most frequently used, along with notification number thereafter. While the App Requests Game Requests and apparently not much changed from previous versions are located in the navigation menu.

The 'More' is also now moved. If previously you could see a complete list of Groups by clicking the 'More' at the top of each set of menus, in this new version of the 'More' hidden. When the mouse to the right of Groups, only then will appear and the user can click it.

With a click, users will be taken to a page where they can add different Pages and Groups to the 'Favorites' to quickly and easily.

Excerpted from Mashableon Thursday August 18, 2011, navigation design previously used for the major redesign of Facebook in February 2010. Game and App request then added a few months later.

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