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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Biz Stone, Evan Williams, and Jason Goldman will leave Twitter

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Three key developers of Twitter, Biz Stone, Evan Williams, and Jason Goldman leaving Twitter to launch a new venture.

Our plan is to develop new projects and work on solving a big problem along with a simple mission statement. The Obvious Corporation developed a system that helps people work together to improve the world, writes Stone on Tuesday June 28, 2011, in a blog post announced their plans.

The move is the latest developments on Twitter who have leadership reshuffle at 5 year old business were transformed from a start-up technology industry into a major player.

In October, COO Dick Costolo replaces Evan Williams as CEO, while Williams came out to focus on product development and other founder, Jack Dorsey - now CEO of Square, returned to lead product development.

Stone is one of Twitter's most active leaders, thanks to the growing literature on Twitter - using @ biz - he sent to users in the early days of the site.

The crew of Twitter and its leadership team has grown very productive, writes Stone on Tuesday, in his blog post. I've decided that the most effective use of my time is out of this road.

Along with Goldman, Stone and Williams became one of the early Twitter employees. Now they plan to focus their efforts on the Obvious.

Goldman left his position at Twitter in December, although he is still involved as an adviser to the company. Williams also left the company this year, although he stressed that he will always play some role in the evolution of Twitter.

The three of us remain engaged with Twitter and we are very involved in the company's long-term success, wrote the trio in their Obvious.com website.

Obvious is actually a revival of an effort made in 2006. Williams re-create it by purchasing the assets of failed companies, a podcasting site called Odeo. Odeo crew also ripens Twitter.com as a side project.

Obvious will be an umbrella for any new businesses that want to pursue its founder. The site, which aired Tuesday, describing his vision: "In more than a decade of developing large-scale systems on the Internet, we have never been more excited than now.

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