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Monday, May 2, 2011

Suicide Tragedy Behind the Success of Apple iPad and iPhone

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ShoutBloger: Behind the Apple big names, there are stories of pain on the workers at the factory assemblers Apple iPad and the Apple iPhone is working hard. One of them, the public may still remember the case of workers suicide committed by a company called Foxconn.

The scandal burst in the middle of last year. Ten workers reported suicide at the factory where the assembly of the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad. Reportedly, because it is not strong not to be treated humanely, the workers would prefer to end his life by jumping from the top of the building.

This case is thought to occur because of long working hours, low wages and high levels of stress experienced by employees. Most of the factory workers are migrants from poorer and rural areas around China.

Quoted from various sources on Monday May 2, 2011 Foxconn said to increase the working hours of employees to meet demand for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. In addition, they also are under pressure to keep secret what they do on request from Apple.

Sultry with this news, Jobs confirm that the work done at the factory located in Shenzhen, China is not forced labor, but rather the absence of a successful corporate ethics standards compromised.

Go to the factory. They have restaurants, cinemas, hospitals and swimming pools, he explained at the time.

After intense coverage, the owner of Foxconn and then raise their salaries by 30 percent. Previously, only workers are paid according to provincial minimum wage.

We expect wage increases could help improve their living standards and enable them to have more free time. That's good for health, said a company official Foxconn time.

Yet in reality the dark side of Apple has always been the media spotlight from year to year. And every day workers of the world celebration which falls every May 1, when this story was also re-scraped.

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