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Monday, May 9, 2011

Almost 3 Thousand new Movies can be watched on YouTube

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ShoutBloger: YouTube adds approximately 3 thousand movies to their online video rental service, so as to compete with similar services from Apple and Amazon.

This expansion is the latest step of the evolution of YouTube, from a service provider of home video, music, movies and television programs. Similarly, as quoted by USA Today on Tuesday may 5, 2011.

16 months ago, a movie rental service on YouTube still offers independent films. Now the sites that have been bought by Google have been adding content very big films, because the big studios in Hollywood are comfortable with the release of their movie in an YouTube online movie rental service.

The majority of the rent the movie on YouTube is worth $ 2 to $ 4 per film. This price is equal to the pay-per-view service.

YouTube started to launch an YouTube online movie rental service was in late January 2011. Initially the service is intended to promote a movie that will be on view at the Sundance film festival.

Five films are rented YouTube prime priced at $ 3, 99 per hour for 48-hour watch period.

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