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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Streetside service by Microsoft

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ShoutBloger: Microsoft reportedly will present a service called Streetside. Providers made to compete with Streetview which is owned by Google.

Not much different with Streetview, these brand-new service also provides a digital map that is displayed in real time with an additional form of data, the appearance of roads, ranging from road users through the car.

As PC World reported on Friday on April 15, 2011 this Streetside service will be launched in 56 cities in North America, and some of the city of London in England as early stage. But it is unclear whether other countries will follow.

To avoid a polemic on the issue of privacy, the images displayed on Streetside certainly will not be shown specifically, as practiced by Google Street.

In addition, Microsoft is also trying to avoid other problems associated with data collection WiFi.

We do not record any way. We believe it would be useful if the recording center where many people need information on a variety of services, said Director Dave Bing Coplin.

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