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Friday, April 8, 2011

Sony NGP Launched on 11/11/2011

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ShoutBloger: Sony ensures that the earthquake which hit Japan some time ago, will not change the company plans to present the successor to the PlayStation Portable Sony NGP.

Previously it was reported, one official at Sony said it would delay the launch Sony NGP, who planned to attend the final quarter of this year. But the President of Sony Tretton Entertaimen America directly refute it.

So far we do not see the impact of Japan earthquakes on our product launch plan. We are not able to decide when its release date, explained Sony spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka Japan, as reported by PC World on Friday April 8, 2011.

Especially for Sony NGP, a company based in Japan that is expected to launch a successor to the PlayStation Portable in the near future. The source said, on November 11, will be a great time for Sony to release the Sony NGP.

Quoted a source who declined to be named, the Sony NGP will launched in Europe at first time in a unique date 11/11/2011.

This device has a touch panel on the front and touch pad in the back to allow the player pressing machine when I want to move the picture. There was also a regular button and switch to complete the keypad to simplify the process of playing games.

Sony is also providing third generation wireless connection and wifi to access social network site while playing the game or to download directly. The screen size of five inches with OLED technology that can deliver quality images and good color. This Sony NGP Even four times better than the previous Sony PSP.

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