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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friendster Will Delete All User Data At the End of May

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ShoutBloger: Friendster the pioneer of Social media networking, declare immediately will delete all user data on 31 May. That is, all user data Friendster ranging from photos, blogs, and the upload will be deleted.

Page NYTimes writes Friendster removal of all user data is done within the framework of changes in business strategy that is now incontestably Facebook and Twitter. Friendster owner plans to turn the page as a new entertainment site more attractive. Some leaks mention the new face of Friendster in the future will focus on gaming and music services.

Then, what about the fate of user data? Friendster official statement issued stating the remaining time until the end of May is considered sufficient for Friendster users to transfer data that are considered important.

Friendster will provide a forum for help 'Friendster Exporter' that can be used in the user store or move the data into Flickr or Multiply. This plan certainly reap disappointment Friendster users.

Friendster was founded by Jonathan Abrams since 2002. Three years later Friendster adding a blog feature. This network is able to attract tens of millions of users worldwide. However, Friendster never be crushed due to the social networking Facebook and Twitter.

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