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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Facebook Release Home for Journalists

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ShoutBloger: Facebook to develop services specifically for journalists. A page on Facebook aimed at helping a journalists to use Facebook as a tool to report a news and facilitate contacts with their readers.

Excerpted from Mashable on Wednesday April 6, 2011, Journalist on Facebook page intended as a resource for journalists who want to incorporate social network media in their reports and also to interact with their readers.

This page will make journalists practically integrate advanced Facebook products to their work and connect with audiences up of more than 500 million user, said Justin Osofsky Director of Media Partnership on Facebook.

Facebook has been working with journalists since the beginning of 2010 to create more social content. Justin also stated that the average media organizations saw their traffic rise of up to 300% since then.

In addition to launching the service, Facebook will perform a variety of meetings with the media in the United States to discuss various topics. The meeting will be the first time on April 27, at the Facebook headquarters.

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