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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Apple Sued for Secretly Tracking of iPhone Users Location

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ShoutBloger: Case files are demanding Apple has submitted to the courts of Florida, United States (U.S.) last week. This time it was not related to patents, but about the violation of privacy.

The lawsuit first reported by Bloomberg was accused Apple has violated privacy by storing log data the user's location, without providing the option to turn off the feature.

Is Vikram Ajjampur and William DeVito who filed this lawsuit. Both use Apple products. In its claim, and DeVito Ajjampur cite research Alasdair security experts Allen and Pete Warden who revealed Apple to record the movements of the user and store detailed information on their location.

Users do not realize the Apple secretly tracking their location and the user does not like it. Apple collects location information secretly, unbeknownst to the user and may be illegal, so some of the contents of the lawsuit.

Reported by CNET on Tuesday April 26, 2011, the case was specifically accused Apple of his who did not disclose that the IOS record location data in a comprehensive manner in the Terms of Service iTunes. Apple also does not offer the option for users who do not want this.

If Apple wanted to keep track of each user products, the required specific approval, for customers who do not like this is not shocked and anxious to know Apple's practice done lately, the lawsuit continued.

The lawsuit that seeks class action status to get this, ask Apple completely disable this feature in the latest operating system that will be released.

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