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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Apple Released IOS 4.3.2 Update

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ShoutBloger: Apple released the update IOS 4.3.2 operating system. Minor updates are available on iTunes is promised fix some problems in various products company founded Steve Jobs this.

FaceTime features that sometimes blank or can not work properly, will be repaired with this update. Improvements are also directed to issue 3G connectivity in most international edition iPad, who reportedly sometimes difficult to connect with local mobile network.

As quoted from Cnet on Saturday April 16, 2011 the relevant update also brings several innovations in the field of security.

Software updates are compatible with the iPhone 4 GSM model, iPhone 3G, two versions of the iPad, and the third and fourth generation iPod Touch. Special iPhone 4 released CDMA operators Verizon in the United States, especially given Apple update to version 4.2.7.

It is not clear whether this update is also a solution to a problem that afflicts some iPad 3G 2 which operates on the Verizon network. Apple has not provided a description.

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