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Monday, April 18, 2011

Apple iPad has Affected Jobs in the U.S

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ShoutBloger: iPad precisely, called by Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has been eliminating jobs for Americans.

But strangely one month ago, Jackson supports his own proposal that the federal government will provide Apple iPad for every student in the country.

This device revolutionized our country and they will fundamentally change how we will educate our children, he said at the time.

Jackson now has changed his views. Last Friday the council, Jackson called the Apple iPad has affected jobs in the U.S.

Chicago State University, in my congressional district they are not given the book again. They are given the Apple iPad when entering the school. The President Wayne Watson hopes to have a campus without a book in four years at State University where they no longer have textbooks.

What happens with publishing companies and publishing companies work? What will happen to bookstores and libraries and all work associated with paper? Before long those jobs will be lost.

Steve did a good enough job, he created the Apple iPad. Of course, it makes life more efficient for the American people, but Apple iPad manufactured in China is not produced in the United States. So, the Chinese could take advantage of our first amendment values. That is, give freedom of speech through Apple iPad to the American people, but there is no protection for jobs here in America, he said.

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