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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your Facebook account will make you frustrated

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shoutbloger: In a recent study in the field explain that the more you have many friends in your Facebook account, then you risk feeling depressed are also getting bigger.

Experts in the field of psychology believe those who have become addicted to level up then people will experience anxiety on the Facebook site.

Researchers from Edinburgh's Napier University in her survey of a number of students on the use of the Facebook site many respondents answered that they feel guilty when they reject the friend request from someone. One out of ten respondents said they were nervous when it comes to accessing the site Facebook.

Others could not handle the pressure to always be an entertaining person. Others, feeling jealous with other users who have more friends or look more fun than them, however, many also say they do not want to pull away from the Facebook site for fear of losing important social information or offend their contacts.

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