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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Ready to invade 128 Countries

Samsung prepares Samsung Galaxy Note II for global marketing. The jumbo-sized handset is the successor Galaxy Note first edition is quite successful in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note II would be marketed to 128 countries and took 260 telecom operators. Marketing is scheduled to begin early October.
New Samsung Galaxy Note II
Galaxy Note II, which was introduced last August has 5.5 inch screen, larger than its predecessor. The handset is powered by a quad-core 1.6 GHz processor, 2GB RAM and a 3100 mAh battery.

Like its predecessor, Note II has a stylus S Pen. Its function is enhanced, such as the ability to open a message, calendar or email simply by pointing, no need to touch the screen.
Samsung Galaxy Note II
In South Korea, Samsung Galaxy Note II sold from USD 970 for the 16GB version. Galaxy Note is probably interested in people who use it to work, who want productivity, said Scott Bicheno, analyst at Strategy Analytics.

The first version of the Galaxy Note sold about 12 million units to date. As for Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung aims to sell up to 20 million units. Similarly, as reported Techchive on Thursday September 27, 2012.

Apple released iphone 5 24-karat gold plated

Typically an iphone 5 isn't sufficient to actually give enough prestige for the owner. In case the problem is attempt to actually look along at the iphone 5s with 24-karat gold plated.

Is gold & co. of London, which provides gold-plated iphone? In keeping with cnet data, gold & co presents 2 choices, namely a layer of yellow gold and rose gold.
The difficulty value isn't known, a transparent value was so much higher than the reach of most shoppers. Previous gold & co. too provides 64 gb model on your iphone 4s gilded valued usd $ 4300.
first iphone 5 gold plated
This company is known in love with adding slightly of luxury on devices that most people search gadget. Alternative merchandise who have been co-coated with gold by gold & co. among others, the blackberry daring 9900, blackberry porsche style p9981, and apples new ipad.

In that gold-plated smartphone, you'll surely be a priority when using it.

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