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Friday, April 13, 2012

Google launches Google Reader mobile version

ShoutBloger: Coinciding with the launch of a new design of Google +, Google also released news aggregator service applications for mobile devices. Users claimed to be more easily read by an application called Google Currents of this.

In essence, Google Currents as reported Ghack on Friday April, 13 2012, has a function similar to Google Reader on the desktop. But Google Currents has some extra features for maximum use in mobile devices.

Such a feature is one of them is the integration with Google Translate. Thus, users can more easily follow the news from different countries and different languages. Google Currents also been connected with social networking and Google Analytics.

If Google Reader mobile version to read RSS feeds, Google Currents provide more updates about the hot topics discussed on the Internet every 30 minutes.

Well, interested users can download the application using Google Current on Google's Android Play to the user device and the App Store for users IOS device.
Google Reader mobile version

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