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Monday, February 28, 2011

U.S. Army released the Smartphones application for Blogging

ShoutBloger : The addition of weapons for the U.S. army to army recruitment tool as is an Smartphones application that was released on Monday. This Smartphones application gives access to content that is connected with Blogger to U.S. Army that enable users to share experiences, stories, pictures or video.

This Smartphones application released by the U.S. Army Accessions Command and mobile web sites. Smartphones application is a commitment to the army to engage potential candidates through social media channels.

Army Strong Stories, the site from which the Smartphones application and mobile website pull content, launched in January 2008. Originally, the site served as a blog platform exclusively for soldiers. In May 2010, it was updated to allow anyone with an army story to tell it.

When the platform opened to everybody, Army Accessions Lt. Gen. Benjamin Freakily told the Belvoir Eagle, Soldiers should join Army Strong Stories for a number of reasons. Online and in the media, the negative stories are always given a platform. Soldiers, every one of us, have some of the best stories to tell.

The new Smartphones application will make it easier for soldiers to share their stories, but more importantly  at least from a recruiting perspective easier for potential recruits to hear them.

Source >>> Mashable.com

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Search for Recipes with Google Recipes Tool

ShoutBloger : Become a cooking expert is the dream for all people who like good food. Learning to become a cooking expert can be done in various ways.

In this week Google will be an additional tool that is located Recipes tool to the left of the Google search screen. Recipes with this Google recipes tool will narrow the search area associated with any food recipes.

With Recipes on the Google Recipes tool users can search for recipes by entering a name or type of food, spices, or just the sauce. Then the search results can be narrowed again based on material, time of presentation and calorie content.

Google realizes recipes are popular searches, and we are constantly trying to improve the search experience for this.

serves around 10 million searches for food recipes every day. According to him, this figure is significant and makes Google feel the need to pay attention to the needs of seekers recipes.

Google in this case follow the recipe search websites that have been there before, like Foody and Yummly. Competitors, Bing Microsoft's search engine also was first to introduce such a feature.

While Bing add a feature to filter based on the original recipe sites, cooking methods, and the background of the country of origin food, Google has advantages by supplying a dose of calories and the right cooking time.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Android Smartphones users waiting for the latest OS update

ShoutBloger : Samsung's Galaxy S series of Android smartphones gadget has been available on the four major in U.S. wireless carriers for this year.

While many users like these smartphones gadget, there have been widespread complaints about lagging operating system for updates.

In of February 24, many owners of the Samsung phones on AT&T are finally able to update their smartphones to the 2.2 version of Android smartphones, called Froyo, which still isn't the latest Android smartphones operating system available.

Additionally, Captivate owners who use a Mac rather than a Windows computer have not been able to update their smartphones. That's because this operating system update is not being delivered wireless by AT&T. Smartphones users only install it by using a USB cable to connect their smartphones to a computer running Samsung phones Kies Mini software which only works on Pocket Computer.

Captivate owners who have Pocket Computer and have been able to get this smartphones update seem pleased judging by their tweets. I've seen few reports of update problems, and they're enjoying the improved speed and functionality of their smartphones.

In January, PC Magazine news reported. A user revolt is starting among the tech blogs and on Twitter about Samsung's Galaxy S series absolutely shameful lack of communication on updating its U.S. Samsung's Galaxy S series.

In this week Sprint started releasing, and then Thursday abruptly halted Froyo smartphones updates for its Samsung's Galaxy S series, the Epic 4G. According to Boy Genius Report, owners of phones that received the update have been reporting problems related to data connectivity, as well as SD card problems when attempting to access data..

If the smartphones gadget you want isn't yet shipping with the latest operating system, you might want to consider other smartphones that have the latest operating system. Or at least wait, when possible, until the model you desire starts shipping with the latest operating system.

For instance, the 2.3 version of Android smartphones, Gingerbread, was released last December. So far it's only available on the Nexus S.

In December, Android smartphones Central published their predictions about which devices might get Gingerbread updates sooner rather than later, but that's still all guesswork and rumors at this point. So if you're currently considering buying an Android smartphones, it might be a good idea to wait under samsung phones with Gingerbread is actually shipping.

Source : CNN.com

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Amazing Hanging Gardens of Babylon

ShoutBloger : In the Babylonian literature, there were no historical records about the parks dependent, and highly descriptive statements derived from the Greek historian. In the slabs of clay that comes from the period of Nebuchadnezzar, descriptions of his palace, the city of Babylon and the tower of  babel were found, but none of the references are found on the garden depends.

Some historians believe that the legend of the garden only mixed stories about hanging gardens of babylon and palm trees at Mesopotamia, the palace of Nebuchadnezzar, the Tower of Babel, and ziggurats told by Alexander's soldiers when they returned to his hometown.

In this century, some structures that are part of the park are expected to depend discovered. Archeologists are collecting evidence to reach conclusions about the location of the hanging gardens of babylon, irrigation system, and the original form.

Sources from the Greeks said that the hanging gardens of babylon depends shaped quadrangular, each side of length 4 plethora, consists of arched vaults at the foundation. This hanging gardens of babylon has plants cultivated above ground level, and the roots of these plants on the patio attached to the top, not inside the earth. The whole mass is supported by rock. Water is pumped up and allowed to flow down the slope, water the plants.

Latest Archaeology Excavation managed to find the foundations of the tower of babel Nebuchadnezzar. Other findings that support the hanging gardens of babylon depends included under the building with thick tower of babel and irrigation near the southern palace.

A group of archeologist did a survey in the southern palace and reconstructed under the building as a hanging gardens of babylon depends. Greek historian, Strobe, said that the park is situated on the river Euphrates dependent.

Others argue that its location is very far from the river Euphrates on the basis of findings from under the building which is located a few hundred yards of river.

The palace has been reconstructed and is expected to depend hanging gardens of babylon is located in the area that stretches from the river to the palace. Massive tower of babel, 25 feet thick was recently discovered on the riverbank, which may be a step to form the core is described in Greek references.

Until now, the legend of the hanging gardens of babylon Depending still can not ascertain the truth and still not be said too that only a mere fairy tale. Archeologist still was trying to find evidence of relic Nebuchadnezzar.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Facebook has the Potential to Promote Prostitution Business

Prostitution businesses are now beginning to look a lot a leading social network site Facebook as a land of their potential to promote the businesses. These results are found by a professor of sociology at Columbia University research. He stated that up to be the best choice for business of prostitution after the original Craigslist site is filled with places of prostitution commercial, has shut sexy erotic commercial.

If the commercial sex workers began to move to find his client on the popular social network site like Facebook. Professor named Sudhir Venkatesh is also in the results of his research revealed that the Blackberry smartphone handset is also a favorite for commercial prostitution workers. His research observes that technology has become a tool of business. It was an era because the demands of its customers had wanted something simple and practical.

Venkatesh estimates that as many as 83% of prostitutes have a page up to sell the businesses.in social network site. In fact he believes that at the end of 2011, up will become the main field to find customers for the perpetrators of prostitution. Not explained how they do prostitution business through Facebook. To be sure with a lot of members, Facebook is considered to have potential so that the prostitute can earn more male clients philanderer.

In a study by Venkatesh, does not explain how the prostitutes and users are connected at up because there was no special sexy adults on social network site like Facebook. Search for the word "escorts accompany" is indeed making some reference, but do not point to individuals prostitution.

New York City Police to report the community itself depends on the unlawful acts which took place secretly, such as prostitution. So for the transactions over the Internet that does not exist, New York City Police difficult to find evidence. Therefore, all depends on the up.

Facebook itself does not have specific policies related to prostitution. But, up against all illegal acts, Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said, "We will lift the material, to block her social network account, and may take further action including legal action brings into the realm of illegal businesses.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Google Person Finder help find victims of earthquakes in new zealand

ShoutBloger : Google has launched a page called Google Person Finder, this page is intended to help victims of the earthquake that occurred in New Zealand to reconnect with family or friends who are separated when the earthquake occurred.

Google Person Finder allows users to search for user-created databases using the names of missing persons. If the victim is not found in existing databases they can leave information about a person and a message left for people who are looking for. People can also leave information about themselves to their loved ones or add information they have about other people to Google's page Person Finder.

Already more than 6,500 entries have been created.

Google created a Google Person Finder People by the U.S. State Department after the earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010. Since then, he has created websites Finder Person in response to the earthquake that hit Chile in February and an earthquake that hit China in April.

Search giant also began to create a page that lists a crisis response emergency numbers, resources and real-time updates from Twitter and YouTube. Changes to Earthquake Christchurch including Person Finder, as well as maps of destruction.

Source : Mashable

Monday, February 21, 2011

Honda released NSF250R to win in moto3

To enliven the motor sport market, Japanese automaker Honda Motor Sport released the latest Honda NSF250R.

Honda sport bike sport motorcycle manufactured Honda NSF250R to win the title in the new championship Moto3.

Shall not be released in the official specifications, but under the law of single-cylinder 250cc engine Moto3 NSF250R limited, with up to 81 mm and the maximum of the maximum speed of 14000rpm.

According to Honda, inherits NSF250R elements Honda RS125R 125 Grand Prix bike. The arrest of 130 RS125R win the Grand Prix, with nine drivers won the world title to date including the RS125R Honda MotoGP rider Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso. RS125R not familiar site on the web in recent seasons, but only one racer Marco Shorter were Interested Racing Honda team championship throughout the 2010 season, the 125cc world championship in RS125R.

NSF250R Honda Motor sport is a new modification design from Honda which has a high acceleration performance, lightweight and compact in-class motor sport.

Honda sport bike motorcycle NSF250R revitalize sport bike in its class Moto3 championship.

With the Honda engine NSF250R very tough in its class, we were really hoping for a new Honda NSF250R much loved by all people in the world and help them to realize their dreams in the sport bike world.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lenovo tablet PCs will launched worldwide on June 2011

ShoutBloger : Lenovo tablet PC (LePad) plans to market their products throughout the world in June 2011, the prime marketing will take the market despicable precisely in Beijing.

Marketing Lenovo tablet PC (LePad) announced in January 2011 in the event the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Tablet PC devices are made with 10.1-inch screen with Android 2.2 opeting system equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon proseor 1.2GHz.

Manufacturer Lepono said that Lenovo tablet PC (LePad) will be priced at between USD399 to USD 499. for now perussahaan Lepono not sure if Lenovo tablet PC (LePad) will be sold outside China.

Although Lenovo tablet PC (LePad) had planned to sell the tablet PC to the whole world, but Lenovo's spokesman, Jay Chen, can not say which market they targeted.

Lenovo is the fourth largest PC maker in the world, and dominate the Chinese market. Recently the company started to develop their products to the region Smartphones and tablet PCs. In January, Lenovo tablet PC (LePad) have created a special unit to develop a gadget like that mentioned above.

Shipping Lenovo tablet PC (LePad) is expected to reach 54.8 million units in 2011, up 181 percent from a year earlier, according to research firm Gartner.

Lenovo's competitors, such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Acer are also starting to focus their production on the tablet PC.

Friday, February 18, 2011

5 Boxoffice Movies with the Biggest Revenue in 2010

shoutbloger : This year's special because it can be said in the release of many great boxoffice movie throughout the year. The boxoffice movie lovers and movie critics are pampered with the return of Tony Stark with new strength, technique Dominick Cobb, and loyalty Woody and his friends to Andy. Besides the three movies, there are many other movie that made an impression in the hearts of the audience because original story or special effect of his greatness. The boxoffice movie are of course quite a bit of income earned worldwide. Here are five boxoffice movies with the biggest revenue in 2010.

1. Toy Story 3

Who would have thought a movie that tells about castaway dolls will achieve the greatest revenue throughout the year? Everyone! Movie cover Toy Story series has even been awaited for a year. Distance manufacture far enough from the previous movie (1999) makes many people impatient waiting for new adventures of Woody and his friends, especially when knowing that the movie is worked by two companies producing the world's best animation: Walt Disney picture and Pixar. Standing applause should also be given to Lee Unkrich who managed to give a perfect end. Although I think the ending of this boxoffice movie is too sad, that's what makes this movie will be remembered for all time, just like the Lion King (1994) and Finding Nemo (2003).

With total revenues of U.S. $ 1,062,143,492, movie-budget U.S. $ 200 million is also included in the list of five movies with the largest revenues of all time. Toy Story 3 to be the greatest achievement of all the Toy Story movie series. For Walt Disney, this movie is the third movie with the most luxurious income after Alice in Wonderland (2010) and Pirates of the Caribbean and the Dead Man's Chest (2006).

2. Alice in Wonderland

What if that sweet classic tale performed by the director with a distinctive style "quirky-themed movie"? Directed successful with some animation, like Before Christmas Night (1993), Corpse Bride (2005), and 9 (2009), this shocking tale lovers Alice in Wonderland because the packaging movie in a style beyond expectations! Besides intrigued watching a different style of storytelling, the audience was also curious about the acting veteran actor Johnny Deep who plays the Mad Hatter. Other characters also attract the attention of the audience is his prime Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen who is evil but also extremely childish.

Fortunately, full-color boxoffice movies, but this gloomy impression created for all ages so that children can watch freely (unlike the previous Burton movies, 9, who finally get a rating of PG-13 for depiction of characters that are too scary). As a result, the movie had a budget of almost U.S. $ 200 million of this gain was a fantastic revenue, to U.S. $ 1,024,299,722!

3. Inception

Dominick Cobb made the audience almost went mad, like himself. Absurd concept and plot twist that served to make many viewers recognize that this movie would be made with a high intellectual level playing logic of having the audience. The work of Christopher Nolan super brilian this makes such a genius director was nominated as best director at the four awards. Concept glories that Christopher Nolan made the world of Hollywood movie "broke down". The movie was the subject of conversation around the world and gets a positive response in terms of directing, concept, effects, and plot. The movie is also as real evidence of quality as an actor Leonardo Dicaprio. American actor is indeed experiencing a significant increase in prestige in recent years because of the quality of his acting is more mature.

The movie is shocking the world is made with a budget of "only" U.S. $ 160 million. The amount is not nothing compared to its total income, U.S. $ 825,408,570!

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

the movie is lifted from the novel series written by JK. Rowling is changing the world of children around the world! Magic story centered on the hook-nosed witch with cauldron magnitude imagination evolved into a much larger and grander. Tremendous response to the Harry Potter novels also occurs in his movies. Towards the final adventures of Harry Potter's fight against Voldemort, Harry Potter fans passion grew even more peaked. Evidence, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows broke through the top of the box office and get into the list of 25 movies with the largest income in the world of all time. The movie is also getting high appreciation with 12 nominations in eight awards in the United States. With a budget of less than U.S. $ 250 million, Daniel Radcliffe and friends will probably get an additional bonus of U.S. $ 824,123,618 total revenue received from ticket sales worldwide!

5. Shrek Forever After

 Shrek and Princess Story about this Viona release in May 2010. Famous animated movies with these ridiculous scenes lifted slightly different story than the previous Shrek series: State of Far Away if Shrek had never been born! Some claim that this movie be the perfect cover since the presence of this series the first time in 2001.

The movie released in 3D IMAX 3D format and gets a positive response from the wider community and making animated movies with the second largest revenue worldwide. After Forever Shrek is DreamWorks Animation's animated movie auspices of successful nursing ladder top box office worldwide, of four animated movies are "entrenched" at the box office ladder. Looks like DreamWorks were harvesting the box office this year. The movie was to spend the funds reached U.S. $ 165 million and it was clear a profit multiplied by the gross revenue of U.S. $ 737,441,993!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your Facebook account will make you frustrated

shoutbloger: In a recent study in the field explain that the more you have many friends in your Facebook account, then you risk feeling depressed are also getting bigger.

Experts in the field of psychology believe those who have become addicted to level up then people will experience anxiety on the Facebook site.

Researchers from Edinburgh's Napier University in her survey of a number of students on the use of the Facebook site many respondents answered that they feel guilty when they reject the friend request from someone. One out of ten respondents said they were nervous when it comes to accessing the site Facebook.

Others could not handle the pressure to always be an entertaining person. Others, feeling jealous with other users who have more friends or look more fun than them, however, many also say they do not want to pull away from the Facebook site for fear of losing important social information or offend their contacts.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bloodhound SSC the fastest car in the world

Bloodhound SSC designed to break the record fastest car in the world from 1.609 kilometers per hour has begun.

The construction Bloodhound SSC is a breakthrough for the British teams who are creating, and formally marks the end of a meticulous design process led by chief engineer Mark Chapman.

The biggest challenge in designing the fastest car in the world is to keep the car running in top soil, said Chapman.

We spent two and a half years devising concepts and eight months ago we managed to create the aerodynamic shape completely stable at 1.380 mph, and not rise.

It was a time when we turned on the focus, says Chapman, adding that it gave them the way of the future detailed plans for the interior and exterior of the car.

The chassis is made of a carbon fiber composite, made by Advanced Composites Group, the UK, while the rear half of the car is made of a steel lattice covered with a layer of aluminum.

The thin frame of Bloodhound SSC, nearly 13 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and two meters high, will house three different engines.

In the center of the fastest car in the world is a Formula 1 engine of 800 horsepower, created by British company Cosworth engine.

This not only helps drive the car, but also function as auxiliary power unit to turn the other two engines: a Eurojet EJ200 and a rocket test peroxide.

Combined, the Bloodhound SSC will generate 133.000 horsepower, equivalent to 1,200 family cars or 160 cars in Formula 1, according to Chapman.

It is no surprise that the order of 6.4 tones will not be the fastest car in the world, and can be overcome by a Bugatti Veyron, the fastest car on the freeway, if they are to compete to reach from 0 to 160 km / h because the Bloodhound takes 15 seconds, compared with the seven it takes the Veyron.

But the Bloodhound SSC goes from 160 to 1.600 kHz in 25 seconds. And at that rate, says Chapman, with a blink you might miss everything.

"You could be sitting on the Wembley Stadium and the car would go from side to side while you blink" he said.

The air commander Andy Green will be the driver of Bloodhound when attempting to break the record in late 2012 or early 2013.

Green is an experienced pilot of the British Royal Air Force and was at the wheel of the Thrust SSC when it set the current record land speed of 1228 km / h in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada in 1997.

But 1.600 kHz is a big step for everyone involved in the project of the fastest car in the world.

"The Thrust SSC was designed to run at 1.367 km / h. We can predict what will happen to 1.280 km / h, but after that we do not know exactly what will happen, "said Chapman.

"The biggest uncertainty is how the desert surfaces damage or no damage to the tires, because the only way to know is doing it."

Chapman and his team have spent two years looking for a suitable location to test him. The traditional areas where they break speed records usually are neither large enough nor sufficiently flat, he says.

Construction is expected to be completed within one year and the first test on the track takes place in the spring of 2012.

LG Smartphones Release the First 3D Smartphone

Smart phone gadged from LG Smartphones that allows a large 4.3 inch touch screen display of images in three dimensions, with no special glasses is. A pair of cameras in the rear Users can capture 3D video images in.

LG Smartphones hopes revolutionary phone, with several of the entertainment market based technology, and the wave of 3D to be paid by Hollywood, television and other media content creators.

Does the LG Smartphones method to this purpose, "the barrier for the conversion, which is similar to how you can reach Nintendo 3DS, without having a player wear spectacles.

Showed the LG Smartphones and called Optimus 3D this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. He said the company did not release date or price, although the spokesman said it would be at hand.

 Left demonstration units on display to the participants of the conference by three films - D, Also some of the games 3rd This could bring a threat to Nintendo temporary monopoly on the edge of always on the Smartphones for 3D game, as long as the hand-held game system will start in March

With the proliferation of television sets 3D on the market that can help Optimus 3D people to start imaging and archiving family potrait photos, and video art. D to the media on the big screen, the Smartphones can communicate with cable TV show.

LG Smartphones Group is a stone tablet, which runs Google gadgets Android 3.0 software is planned for release in March, also capture 3D images and video. The disk can be displayed on the screen 3D, but how the smartphones can be connected to all the list of General 3D TV.

3D Optimus has a stir this week at the Mobile World Congress. But until now it does not offer text messaging spinning platforms 3D or with eye catching, the developers of Android apps have announced a new mission to complete.

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